“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.”

In order to maintain professional educational environment, and fair learning experience for everybody taking lessons, the following rules and regulations were created. 

Please review and ask any questions you may have when contacting.
No exceptions to Academy’s Policy are permitted. 

Upon registration and before the first scheduled lesson, both parties will sign said policies, and keep the copies for their records and reference shall any additional questions arise during the academic year.

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– Responsibilities and expectations.

Teachers responsibilities
  • Please refer to “Tuition covers” section.
Parents & students expectations and responsibilities
  • Regular practicing is just as important to the learning environment as the following of the Academy Policy – therefore, daily practice is expected.
  • Students are expected to arrive 3-5 minutes before the scheduled lesson time, when coming to teacher’s location.
  • If lessons starts later due to student, it will end at the scheduled time due to teacher’s availability.
  • No food or drinks during the lesson.

– Attendance and Make-Up lesson policy

Student’s attendance
  • Student expected to commit to all scheduled lessons, just like one would in a traditional school/university setting with the planned curriculum.
  • No unexcused absence will be made up, credited or refunded.
  • 24-hour notice is required in order to schedule a make up lesson for excused absence.
Teacher’s attendance
  • If a teacher has t­­­­o cancel/reschedule a lesson due to professional activity, make up will be scheduled within same month, alternatively it will be scheduled at the “teacher’s make up week” at the end of each semester. In an unlikely event of impossibility to schedule such a make up (due to conflict in student’s schedule) – credit towards the next semester will be issued for the amount of missed lesson.

– 2016-2017 Calendar

  • Fall Semester – 14 Weeks
    September 6 – December 17
    November 21-27 No scheduled lessons 
    December 19-23 Teacher’s make up week 
  • Winter Semester* – 10 Weeks
    January 2 – March 11
    March 14-25 Teacher’s make up week
  • Spring Semester* – 11 weeks
    March 28 – June 10
    June 12-17 Teacher’s make up week
  • Summer Semester – minimum of 4 lessons**
* Exact dates for Winter and Spring semester may adjust due to teacher’s professional engagements.
** Summer Semester offers flexible schedule based on student’s and teacher’s availability, however in order to maintain an active spot in the 2017-2018 academic year, the minimum of 4 lessons during the months of July and August is required

– Lessons and Tuition.

Areas that will be discussed and taught in lessons include (but not limited to):
  • Sightreading
  • Musicality
  • Technique
  • Practicing methods and planning
  • Memorization
  • Ear training
  • Music Harmony
  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Personal music development
  • Performance anxiety
If you do not see what interests you – please contact, and we will find the way to incorporate it into curriculum.
Teaching involves more than conducting scheduled lessons, therefore the tuition covers the following aspects:
  • 45 or 60 minute lesson (Contact for details)
  • Scheduled lesson time, assigned for the period of semester for the specific student according to student’s and teacher’s availability.
  • Creating and maintaining versatile and individual curriculum according to each student’s interests, needs and goals.
  • Email and phonecalls (Communication with the parents, students).
  • 2 lesson/homework summaries per month.
  • 3 detailed progress reports (Fall, Winter, Spring).
  • Automatic invoicing and payment history.
  • Evaluation report (at the end of the year).
  • Performance opportunities (students are offered 2 recitals per academics year).
  • 4K video archiving of the concerts, sent individually to each student.
  • Decades of performing and teaching expertise.
  • Professional organization memberships (MTNA, MMTA, NEPTA) and continuing pedagogical education.
  • Maintenance and technology. 
  • Taxes and other deductions.

– Billing Policy.

  • New students will be charged one time 50$ registration fee (billed with the first payment)
  • Student signs up for a semester in order to receive 45 or 60 minute spot in the schedule and music lessons. Registration for a year is encouraged to secure spot in the schedule.
  • Semester Tuition will be billed as one payment for the semester, or in 3-4 installment payments.
  • Summer Semester will be billed separately, as one payment.
  • Due date for pre-registration for Fall semester in 2017 is August 1st
  • Late payments will result in late fee.
Academy allows payments via credit cards (subject to 3% processing fee), personal checks or cash.
Returned checks will incur 40$ fee in addition to unpaid balance.
Cashier’s check is required in such an event.

– Termination and Refunds

  • If a student decides to stop taking lessons – 30 days notice is required prior to termination date, all unpaid fees must be received during this period. If semester was paid in full – refund will be issued for the amount of remainder of the lessons after termination date.
  • If a student withdraws from lessons without a notice, a fee of 250$ will occur in addition to any unpaid invoices.
  • Teacher reserves the right to terminate the lessons – if the student misses more than 20% of scheduled lessons per semester, doesn’t do assigned home work, neglects regular practicing at home and any other reason at teacher’s discretion. No termination fee will be charged, but any unpaid invoices must be taken care of prior to termination. Please note – the matter will be first discussed with a student or parent in order to find a solution, prior to this step.
Schedule your free consultation and receive Full Policy and New Student’s Packed